Farewell Sochi, Hello Pyeung Chang!

Yahoo Sports coverage of the Closing Ceremony is presented by United Airlines

The Olympics said farewell to Sochi on Sunday. If you missed the ceremony, check out these photos.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) elects Pyeung Chang as the location of the 2018 winter olympics.

So where in the World is Pyeung Chang?


Pyeongchang is a South Korean resort town that was long known for abandoned coal mines. Seoul is 80 miles west of Pyeongchang.

Find out more  in this video about Pyeongchang and learn about how construction is going and what to expect in 2018.

Everyone- let’s take a minute to discuss our Spanish scripts.


1. Finish counting power point.

2. If you could have any pet, what would you have and why? Where would it sleep!? What would it eat? What would you do with it? Who would take care of it? Write a story about your pet and create a Storybird about it. Remember to have a beginning, a middle and an end.

Grades 2-3

1. Olympics Project: American Alex Deibold earns bronze medal in snowboard cross. Let’s read more about it together! Click the watch the video link below.

  • Watch the video
  • Pretend you are the television sports announcer and are writing your own story for Sports Illustrated. Use the photos from the slideshow to create your story. Drag them to a Microsoft Word document and write your text below them.

2. Project: Pick 5 pictures and then create a story in Microsoft Word for those pictures. Format the pics, title and body. Add page border.

3. Imagine you were given the ability to fly for 48 hours. Write a story about your adventure. Create a Storybird about it.

Grades K-3 (if there is time) start Two of Everything Project

Fun! When you put something in the pot, more come out! Let’s try this with other numbers. I will hand you a worksheet we will fill out data sets together.

Challenge: Would you rather have 1000 coins or 5 coins and a Magic Doubling Pot that works 10 times? Record your solution.

Now: Digital story time!

Grades 5-8

1. Answer my questions on your last blog post about setbacks.

2. Excel spreadsheet of Olympic results for sport of choice. Use sochi.ru for data. Blog about trends and differences you see in the data. Give possible explanations.

3. Game time! Here are some Brain Teasers to help you get through the rest of your day:

Out of Balance

Looking for a real challenge? Try one of THESE!

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